Kat Von D Beauty 10 Year Anniversary Party


If you follow me on Instagram you already know that recently I was invited to Kat von D Beauty‘s 10 year anniversary party, in Los Angeles! ♥ it was a dream come true and a really important life experience for me.

I was invited two weeks before the date and until I got everything confirmed it took a few more days, which means I basically had one week to get everything ready for one of the biggest events of my life! Can you imagine how desperate I was? haha it was really crazy to set up every detail I needed to travel, mostly because I decided to stay a few more days after the party since I’ve never been to California before.

I was booked an amazing (and really fancy!) flight at the business class, and from São Paulo to Los Angeles it was about 15 hours of flights. When I got to LA I arrived at the Nomad Hotel, where Kat’s team and a few more international guests (like Black Friday, Monami Frost, Pennold and more amazing people) were staying. I was the only Brazilian guest invited so I travelled all by myself, but I was really well taken care of by their team! At the hotel they also had a special menu for Kat’s guests, all vegan and really delicious food ♥

The party was on the same day I arrived, so I only had time to rest for a couple hours before getting ready. I still didn’t know what I wanted to do for my make-up, but when I arrived they had left on the bedroom waiting for me a little bag of KVD goodies, including the Everlasting Glimmer Veil liptsick on the color Thunderstruck ♥ it was the perfect gold for the party! It was my first time trying the lipstick, I decided to add a few details with it on my make-up and I couldn’t be happier, the product looks really amazing both on the lips and on the eyes. This was the result:

Kat von D Beauty products I wore: Lock-It Foundation (Light 45), Shade & Light Contour palette, Saint & Sinner eyeshadow palette (shades Amen, Devil, Martyr, Crucifix and Sabbath), Tattoo Liner (Trooper), Everlasting Glimmer Veil lipstick on my eyes (Thunderstruck, all the golden sparkles!), Everlasting Liquid Lipstick (Damned), and on top of my lipstick a bit of the Glimmer Veil on the shade Rocker. Lastly, the Lock-It Setting Mist. All vegan and cruelty free

The dress code for the event was from head to toe gold. I designed the dress myself, chose the fabric and took it to my seamstress who made the perfect dress for me in such a short period of time. My shoes are from Bordello, and I also made the floral headpiece myself. My inspiration for this look was the catholic art from the Byzantine Period and the Saint & Sinner palette, and my goal was to make a headpiece that looked like the golden crowns and halos portrayed on those paintings. How do you like it?

The whole look, already at the red golden carpet ♥

The event took place at the Cathedral of Saint Vibiana, in Downtown LA and really close to our hotel. When I arrived at the venue I began to notice all the little details made specially for the date. On the outside walls there were a few of this KVD logos, the same design used on their new brow products:

At the golden carpet area there was also a gigantic Studded Kiss lipstick, and when we entered the hall we were greeted by a string quartet all dressed in gold and playing classic versions of bands like ACDC. It was really amazing, and at this point I began getting a little emotional by the greatness of this event, and all the attention to every detail that only Kat von D Beauty knows how to do it. At the entrance to the party there was a big mirror with the following words, that really spoke to me:

“We are bold, unapologetic, outspoken and different in our own way. We are artists, poets and lovers. We are the outsiders and the insiders. But in all reality, if you want to know who Kat von D Beauty is, all you’ve got to do is look in the mirror.”

*crying inside but still flawless*

After this mirror area there was the main room of the cathedral. There were two platforms with amazing contortionists, all painted in gold ♥ it was a really mesmerizing view, everywhere you looked there was a special detail. The lights were in gold and yellow tones, the music playlist was outstanding (as in every KVD Beauty’s events! From The 69 Eyes to Smiths), and one of the things I loved the most was seeing how each person took the dress code to their own style. Everybody dressed really impressively, in the most unique and creative ways. I’ve never seen anything like it before!

Pole dancer and contortionist Brynn Route

On both sides of the place there were a few separate smaller areas, each with something different. We could visit a mini museum of the brand, with all of their products created to this date (and also a few peeks of still unreleased products!). At this wall you could see every eyeshadow palette created by Kat von D Beauty. If you notice at the bottom right corner of the pic you can also see the Lolita palette, still to be launched, and it’s probably going to be a version of the Shade & Light palette in rose and red tones. I need it!

We could also see the creative process behind the products and designs, and also a bunch of Kat von D’s original artworks and sketches. Did you know all of the products packaging is designed by Kat herself? This is one of the things that make this brand so special!

The original artwork for the 10 Year Anniversary palette, and right below this Fetish sketch, that supposedly will be a new collection… nobody knows about it yet, but I’m already dying here imagining a KVD fetishist collection ♥  this would be the perfect aesthetic for me and I can’t wait to see Kat’s visions on fetishism.

A few other sketches from past collections ♥

We could also see up close some of the outfits worn in previous campaigns, such as the Saint & Sinner parfums, and the 10 Year Anniversary muses looks as well, all gold and designed by Majesty Black.

Me with Mai, who is part of Kat’s team and really sweet! She was the one who helped me with everything there and was really wonderful to have her with me. She also said I looked like one of Kat’s muses standing there ♥ haha

In another area there was also a 3d photo booth (unfortunately I didn’t know about it and when I got there it was already over…), and also a place with dozens of Kat von D Beauty products that you could simply choose from and get what you wanted, with an amazing golden KVD Beauty bag to store everything. What a dream!

photo: Vivien Killilea

Posing at the most beautiful wall at the party ♥

Vegan chocolate ice cream with golden stars ♥ of course every food at the event was vegan, but I must confess I was so mesmerized by everything that I barely stopped to eat or drink. But there was also a bar with delicious drinks too!

With Malice, which is an incredible pole dancer and stripper in Hollywood and also one of Kat’s personal friends and muses of the campaign ♥ and SO sweet! I loved meeting her. She danced during a few moments of the party and it was fascinating, I couldn’t take my eyes off her haha

With Melanie Gaydos, the model who breaks all the stereotypes and is conquering the fashion world. Melanie is so amazing, if you never heard of her I definitely recommend you to go see her work. From New York Fashion Week to Rammstein music videos. And she is also so kind and adorable!

With Steffanie Strazzere, one of KVD Beauty make-up artists and part of the Artistry Collective team ♥ Steff is so sweet and you can see from my smile how much I like her. When the brand was relaunched on Brazil I already had the chance to meet both Steff and Tara, and I was really happy to see them again! I’m really glad they chose these girls to be a part of their team. Since Kat is so busy and we don’t get to see her all the time, it is really nice to have them closer to inspire and teach us so many things!

I couldn’t take a photo with Tara Buenrostro , but I screenshot this moments from the interview that sure are a lot more special ♥ haha It was totally unexpected, I had just arrived to the party and a few of their team members called me because Tara wanted to interview me for their Facebook livestream. I didn’t even had time to get nervous hahah. She is great with this kind of stuff and did an amazing job hosting the event for so long all by herself.

There was a moment of the night when Tara got to the stage announcing Kat von D‘s presence. It was my first time seeing her live and she looked stunning, glowing in gold! At that moment I realized how important and how much it meant for me to be there. Kat thanked all of us for being there and told she didn’t pick her guests by fame or status, that she didn’t care about anyone’s followers numbers, but she chose people who inspire her and she admires their work in any way. We can easily confirm that this is all true – they could have picked any Brazilian girl, any influencer with 500k or 2 million subscribers, but they picked me and gave me this opportunity because they know how much I admire and identify with the brand for so long. I got really emotional and didn’t really worry about recording or taking photos at this point, I just wanted to enjoy and live the moment!

photo: Vivien Killilea

After that she explained what the brand means to her, and said “it was never about make-up” – it was about all of their values and messages, and specially about animal rights. She spoke about the 10 year anniversary campaign, about all of her muses, and we got to see for the first time the whole video(go watch it!), which is one of the most beautiful and unique campaigns I’ve ever seen in my life.

At this point I realized that would probably be her only appearence at the night and that it wouldn’t be this time that I would get to meet her. I wish I could have spoken to her in presence how much she inspires me every day, but maybe next time! haha ♥

After that she called the muses to the stage, and also the girls from the Artistry Collective. And to end the night, we got to see Prayers perform, Kat’s husband (and baby von D’s daddy!). She sang a couple songs with him and it was really nice. After the show all of the activities ended and we received that gigantic box with all of the items from the new collection, that I showed on the video! I’ll come back here with another post soon to talk about all the products in more details.

photo: Vivien Killilea

Details of the traincase designed specially for the 10 year anniversary collection

With Nena Moreno, whom I met at the party and keeped me company during the night! Nena is such a sweet and funny girl, and so stunning! She makes amazing videos and tutorials of vintage make-up looks and hairdos.

wondering if this tiny lipstick would fit in my backyard

I hope you all enjoyed following me on this trip, and I was really happy with all the messages I got regarding this party. Thank you so much for all the love! Happiness comes in double when you realize other people are also happy for you. This was a really big personal achievement for me, and something I will remember and cherish for all my life. If 13 years ago when watching Mimami Ink someone told me someday I would be in one of Kat von D’s party, being a tiny part of her world, I would not believe it. I feel really blessed, and I learned from all of this that our dreams do come true, and that we need to keep dreaming always.

As Kat said at the party, it’s not about make-up. It is way bigger than that. It is about spreading inner beauty, and understanding that to feel good and comfortable in your own skin we don’t need to follow any rules. It is about feeling inspired, and also to inspire others. It’s not being afraid of showing on the outside who you really are inside, and above all of this, always being true to yourself.

Keep an eye here because soon I’ll be sharing new posts with my travel routes and plans, and if you have any questions about the stuff I did in LA, please leave here on the comments!

Much love,

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