Kat Von D Beauty – 10 Year Anniversary Collection


As I told you on the Kat von D Beauty 10 Year Anniversary event post, at the end of the party we got this huge box as a gift, containing the whole make-up collection made specially for this date.

When opening the box (quite heavy!) the first thing I noticed was this little screen on the left side, that promptly started playing Stardust by IAMX, the song chosen for this collection campaign video. This song will always be really special to me and will remind me of this whole wonderful experience, and watching the video like this was a really beautiful surprise.

On the right side there’s a picture with all of the 10 muses for this campaign: Malice McMunn, Adele Mildred, Lala, Egypt, Melanie Gaydos, Alexandra, Sylvia, Ashley, Leafar and Gina. Each of these people inspired Kat von D in a different way: for example, Ashley is the creator of Kat’s first fan club, and Sylvia is the tattoo artist’s own mother.

What stands out the most about these muses is definitely their diversity and representativity, either for their cultural backgrounds, beauty, gender or ethnicity. You can watch each of their videos and learn about their history at the brand’s Youtube channel. It’s really worth it and this was an amazing campaign ♥

Opening the box you have all of the make-up products in a red velvet display. Matching the collection’s theme, all of the products come in a reflective golden design. The collection is composed by 5 brushes, 1 Studded Kiss lipstick, 1 Everlasting Glimmer Veil liquid lipstick, 1 Tattoo Liner, 1 Metal Crush highlighter and 1 eyeshadow palette.

The face brushes are obviously synthetic, vegan and cruelty free: Lock-It Precision Powder Brush #25, Lock-It Powder Contour Brush #2, Lock-It Setting Powder Brush #20, Lock-It Edge Foundation Brush #10 and Lock-It Edge Concealer Brush #40.

From all of these brushes the only one I had previously tested already was the #10 for foundation, and I must say it has easily become my favorite brush. I was never a fan of applying foundation with brushes and had already tested a few different types, and I always have the feeling they absorb too much product and doesn’t give you a smooth and uniform application. But this brush totally changed my mind and I already can’t live without it! It’s really good. And of course the golden handles make this brush set really luxurious and special for the occasion ♥

The design chosen for the palette was a drawing (made by Kat herself) that really reminds us of the brand’s first products, especially because of the roses, which were the main theme of their first eyeshadow palettes launched 10 years ago. The palette has 16 eyeshadows, 10 of them named after the muses, and the rest after a few other people who work for the brand and represent the many faces of Kat von D Beauty.

The eyeshadows have different finishes (matte, metallic or shimmery), and all of the shades are really soft and pigmented. What stands out the most for me is that this formula has nearly no fall out, and you can apply and blend the eyeshadows easy and effortlessly. They all have a buttery/velvet touch and are easy to blend. The palette has a lot of neutral shades and some bright vivid colors that stand out amongst them.

It’s hard to decide, but I think my favorite colors are Leafar and Carolyn, which is a really unique shade and I didn’t have any other similar product. Malice is also really beautiful and the first matte red eyeshadow I own from KVD Beauty. Which ones do you like the most?

I couldn’t resist and had to take a few product shots on the sunlight, and the golden reflexes created this wonderful effect ♥

The Studded Kiss lipstick is in the shade Santa Sangre, one of the brand’s best selling reds. This shade of red has cool undertones, a semi matte finish, is opaque and really pigmented, applying really smooth and uniform in a single layer. The lipstick comes in the standard Studded Kiss design, but entirely gold. I’m completely in love with it!

Look at this red! You can really see in this photo the satin finish. The lipstick is also really comfortable, doesn’t dry your lips and is longlasting.

The Metal Crush highlighter is the first highlighter ever launched in this format by the brand. A lot of customers found out that the Metal Crush eyeshadow in the shade Thunderstruck doubled as a highlighter as well, and so the brand decided to release the shade Gold Skool as a limited edition on this line.

This product has a liquid to powder technology, can be applied smoothly and it’s really easy to blend in a natural way. It has a golden and pearly shimmer, with really fine gold sparks that reflects the light in a beautiful way.

The Everlasting Glimmer Veil liquid lipsticks is one of the products that surprised me the most in this collection. Also in a shade called Gold Skool, it’s a rich and pure gold. As in all of the other Glimmer Veil shades, it’s really pigmented and extremely longlasting. When I swatched it on my arm, I left it until the next day and it was intact, without smudging at all! This product can also be applied as an eyeshadow, but unlike most of the creamy eyeshadows, it dries completely and doesn’t get sticky or creasing on the eyelids. I showed on this post how I used the Glimmer Veil on my makeup for the party. It’s really an amazing and unique formula, I honestly don’t know any other product that has the same effect as the Glimmer Veil. I need it in every color!

The Tattoo Liner on the shade Trooper is one of KVD Beauty’s best sellers, has already won awards for its formula and also is always on Sephora’s best selling products list. I must say before trying it for the first time I was a bit skeptical and didn’t think it could be that different from other eyeliners, but it really is an amazing product. With 325 flexible bristles, it allows you to make either super fine and precise lines, or bold and thick strokes. It’s very pigmented, the black is really black, and it’s water and smudge proof. If you have a hard time doing winged cat eyes, Tattoo Liner will definitely help you out!

Needless to say this collection is now one of my favorites from Kat von D Beauty. Besides the whole emotional meaning to me, the products are really good quality and the designs are very unique and beautiful. All of the products are limited edition and some of them are already sold out.

I dediced to make an assymetric look to test all of the products, with two different graphic eyeliner looks using the Tattoo Liner. The eyeshadows I used were in the shades Sylvia and Egypt, and on my brows I used the Super Brow in Graphite. On my lips I wore the Gold Skool Glimmer Veil (on these photos below it looks a bit more yellow and light than it really is, in person the color is more similar to the first photo I posted before), and on my face I used the Lock It Foundation in the shade Light 45, the Shade & Light Contour palette and the Gold Skool Metal Crush highlighter.

What is your favorite product from this collection? Tell me on the comments below!

Much love,

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